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The Citizen’s Assistance Program… the middleman for those in need.

The Citizen’s Assistance Program… the middleman for those in need.

Posted: Jan 09 2023

The Citizen’s Assistance Program… the middleman for those in need.  


The Citizen's Assistance Program (CAP) sole purpose is to help the disadvantaged. As beneficiaries of charitable gaming since 2007, they have been able to act on their mission.  

With two gaming sites located in Grand Forks, CAP primarily focuses on assisting those in the Grand Forks area, keeping dollars in the community where they are wagered.  

With funds generated from paper pull tabs and e-tabs, CAP has provided rental assistance to a family who lost their father due an accident, emergency funding to food pantries, funds to provide meal assistance to senior citizens, elevator repairs for a local nonprofit and so much more. Gaming is the sole source of revenue for CAP.  

“It’s wonderful having funds available. With having e-tabs as a steady source of income, it’s a great feeling to have funds available to assist community organizations that need it,” said Traci LaDouceur of CAP.  

One such organization that has benefited greatly from CAP gaming funds has been the Northland Rescue Mission that seeks to empower people faced with homelessness or food insecurity to live more stable lives.  

“No matter how hard we try, we can’t get rid of homelessness. The items we can purchase with funds from CAP help us to get people’s lives stabilized. The help we receive from CAP helps us fulfill our mission,” explains Murray Hennessy from Northland Rescue Mission.  

Preventing homelessness or assisting those who are homeless is no easy task. Not only has CAP gaming funds provided mattresses for the homeless shelter, but it has also provided air mattresses for those getting back on their feet. Often, Northland clients are able to find a place to live but don’t immediately have the means to furnish the place with bed. The air mattress is one solution to this problem.  

Additionally, funds go toward providing steel toed boots for those who are finding work in the industrial or construction industry where the safety gear is required.  

“We go through 70-100 pairs of boots that we give to clients to help them get on a job that they need so they can get on their feet. The sooner they get a job, the sooner they get a check, an apartment and so on,” explains Murray Hennessy. 

With the prices of everything rising, access to food is becoming more complicated for many people and families. Funds from gaming helps close the gap for those in need.  

“Help with food is hugely beneficial for homelessness prevention,” said Hennessy. “This helps people from slipping. Now they can pay their rent.” 

The benefits of charitable gaming allows for many, not just one entity to serve others, and it can’t be done without the support of the establishments that allow gaming. In Grand Forks, CAP gaming is available at the Kegler Lounge inside Red Ray Lanes and Sledsters Food & Brew.